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When playing poker pursuit, players are dealt a hand of 3 cards, face up, to begin with. A pair of tens is regarded as the very least hand to bet on. Once the ante is settled, players click ‘Deal’ to start the game. After consulting the cards, players and must decide whether to ‘Raise’ the initial bet or ‘Call’ to leave the bet as it is. Then a 4th card is dealt, again face up. Again the player needs to decide on raising or calling the bet, before the final card is dealt. Simple, straightforward and brief.

Any winnings at mobile online casino poker pursuit are calculated on the full, total five-card hand. The minimum combination required to start betting is a pair of 10s, or better. Obviously, this includes all the hands up to a royal flush. The pay out odds are slightly dependent on the casino being played at, but are generally in line with standard poker odds and accepted house advantage. Since the odds are applied to the total bet, raising before the 4th and 5th cards becomes an issue for players to consider in terms of overall gambling strategy.

Many Poker Versions to be Enjoyed

There are well over a hundred versions of poker available to casino players today. Poker pursuit is an example of poker that is developed ideally for mobile devices. Primarily enjoyed for its brief, pure action nature, mobile online casino poker pursuit’s unique feature of players being dealt only 3 cards initially, with an opportunity to raise the bet before the fourth and fifth cards are dealt, makes for a fast and engaging poker experience. Players can call for an additional card without increasing their bet. Astute calls on when to raise and when to call are the key strategic decisions players make. Poker pursuit is played with a standard card deck where all cards are assigned the same values as in a traditional poker game.

Knowing the Numbers and Cards

Since no decisions need to be made about whether to draw additional cards in online casino poker pursuit player strategy is dependent on choosing when and how much to wager. The first wager, the ante, should be determined by the player’s budget together with his level of experience. Knowing the odds, card probability and house edge is crucial to all forms of poker, including mobile online casino poker pursuit.

An example of this statistical wisdom is when having four Hearts in your hand, with one final card to be dealt. The best poker strategy is to raise the bet. Whilst the odds of drawing another Heart is less than fifty-fifty, the 9-to-1 pay out for a flush makes it worth taking the chance. Since the odds in online casino poker pursuit are in line with this example, winning the bet in even one out of every six games played means you, as the gambler, would win overall.

Great graphics, wonderful design and unbelievable creativity are the central goals to the online casino game designers and they achieve these goals with every game released. Therefore, since it is known for its bluffing element, poker is often regarded as one of the more technical of the casino games. Now, thanks to the internet and some terrific new games, such as this abridged version of the standard 5-card draw poker, mobile online casino poker pursuit, the mobile arena and poker have combined beautifully again.

Ultimately, mobile online casino poker pursuit is a game of skill, luck and statistical acumen. True poker, just mobile.