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Bingo is a very popular game around the world, with a long and fascinating history. It is a game where, above all else, focus is vital, and maximising that focus requires some basic preparation and general good habits.

The following are tips and methods that one can practice to both improve your chances as well as your overall enjoyment of the Bingo experience.

Always Be Early

Arriving at least thirty minutes early gives you time to find a seat, set up your station, speak with friends, etc, and basically do what you need to do, so that when the game starts you are comfortable, composed, alert, and ready.

Find a Good Seat

With focus being such a necessity in Bingo, good seating can potentially be a huge benefit in that regard. Generally, somewhere near, or at, the front, where the caller is easily heard, and the only focus of attention, is preferable.

Have a Dabber & Tape

The non-toxic ink of Bingo dabber pens is specially made to rub and wash off easily. It is also transparent so that the numbers are visible beneath the dabber marks.

Tape of some kind, e.g. masking or magic tape, is handy for securing your game pieces to the table so that nothing gets shifted or knocked off, potentially ruining your concentration.

Generally, Bingo Halls will have dabbers and tape available for purchase at the venue, although some Bingo Halls have now also begun to feature electronic Bingo tables. Even you can now play bingo online at

Staying Focused and Alert

There are a number of ways and reasons that one can lose focus during a Bingo game. Some are external, some are circumstantial, and some are self-inflicted.

  • Try to be organised, and to limit everything on, and around, your station to the essentials. This will help to avoid distraction, confusion, or annoyance during a game.
  • Try and avoid taking in substances, such as alcohol, that may, for instance, make you feel drowsy and impair your judgment and focus.
  • Likewise, staying well nourished and hydrated during games is also important for maintaining a clear and focused mind. Keep in mind, however, that having the urge to visit the restroom mid-game could be disastrous, so try not to over-do it.
  • Just being tired or unwell can also easily have a detrimental effect on your game. One should therefore seriously consider whether it’s worth playing and potentially losing money, or rather staying in bed and recovering.
  • Be sure to utilise the scheduled breaks during a Bingo game to, e.g. stretch, get some fresh air, or use the restroom.

Low Vs High Attendance Games

Bingo happens to be the sort of game where it is possible to have a greater chance of winning when fewer players are participating, and the fewer the better. Week nights tend to have less players than games held on weekends or at big events. The balance here is with the size of the prizes, as larger games and events will generally be better in that regard. If you simply want to have a better chance of winning though, try to find the games with less attendance.