The Features of the Best Online Casino at a Glance

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Features of the Best Online Casino

It isn’t every site that can promise to reveal the best casino online to Canadians, but that’s what we’re about to do right here. If readers could supply their own drum-roll to build the tension, here it comes: the best casino online is…

…wait for it…

…the casino you score your next big win at!

Everything else is debatable.

Must-Have Basics Come First

Licensed through provincial governments and sovereign native territories, Canada has plenty of casinos online to keep gaming fans happy. Some might focus on different types of games to the rest, others may have a larger variety of games and easier deposit and withdrawal options. It’s practically impossible to choose one site definitively as Canada’s best casino online, because the accolade is so subjective, based entirely on each player’s personal preferences.

What all the most useful reviewing and compilation sites do instead, is outline the criteria that can be used, with different emphases according to a player’s priorities, in determining the best casino online for them. But all casino sites will agree that some factors simply must be present before an operation can even be considered for the best casino online title. Security is one of them; to protect players’ bank accounts and casino transactions, the top casinos use SSL 128-bit encryption, which is also standard in the international online banking industry.

Privacy, Trust and Convenience also Matter

The best casino online will also guard players’ privacy fiercely, so their contact details stay out of the hands of spammers and phishers. Independent expert auditors will have put their software through stringent tests to ensure the Random Number Generators are generating truly random numbers, thus rendering the games unbiased.

Of course, to even appear on a ‘best casino online’ list aimed at players in Canada, the site in question should be licensed in Canada and legally open to Canadian players. The most reliable compilation sites will also rank their suggested casinos according to other conveniences the Canadian player will want, like Canadian dollars as a currency option and banking methods that allow easy deposits and withdrawals.

Casino Gaming and Bonuses

Games Range and Bonuses can Swing It

Like NZ punters sorting out the election betting sites, once the player has a list of casinos that meet these essential standards, the determination of their best casino online boils down to two more factors: the kind of games the player enjoys, and the bonuses being offered. Slots are the biggest draw at all casinos, and some online sites focus on slots exclusively. For a player who enjoys table games like roulette or blackjack, or video poker machines, the best casino online will be one of the other operations that hosts more than slots. Some online casinos become the best simply by the huge variety of games they offer, including slots and more.

The final factor narrowing down the race for best casino online is the bonus deals the casino has running. Deposit-matching and free-spins bonuses are among the standard incentives used by online casinos to attract new players and maintain the loyalty of existing ones. Serious gamers will compare the different bonuses for the taking at various casinos, before choosing the one with the most promising bonuses.