Sevens and Stripes Classic Slot Overview

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Sevens and Stripes is the title of a classic online slot game created by casino software provider Realtime Gaming. The game plays out over 3 reels and just a single payline, and its name and dominant theme is based on the iconic American star spangled banner, and the ‘stars and stripes’ of the American flag. The slot also features an innovative design, playing out as a classic 3-reel slot in a more modern graphic of a 3-dimensional slot machine.

As Sevens and Stripes is a classic slot game, its features have been kept simplistic in order to create an authentic classic slot game. Thus, the game’s main bonus feature is its progressive jackpot, as well as the highest regular payout of 5,000 coins.

Graphics and Themes

Sevens and Stripes is a modern take on a classic slot, and in this game the traditional one-armed bandit slot machine forms the backdrop for the reels. The classic slot machine is portrayed in a realistic, 3-dimensional style, with details like 3-D pay table buttons adding to the overall effect. A large red, white and blue pay chart is displayed on the slot machine above the reels, informing players of the prospective payouts for all possible winning combinations, and on the reels are classic slot machine symbols.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

The reel symbols of the Sevens and Stripes classic slot have been kept simple, and include sevens displayed in red, white and blue, and single, double and triple bar symbols. In keeping with the American colour scheme, the single bar symbols are displayed in red and black, the double bars are displayed in white and black and the triple bar symbols have been designed in blue and black hues.

Red sevens are the Stars and Stripes slot’s highest paying symbols, followed by white sevens, which award a payout of up to 600 coins for 3 on a payline. This payout value is shared by the symbol combination of one single, one double and one triple bar. Blue sevens are the third-highest paying symbol, awarding 300 coins when 3 of these symbols land simultaneously.

Stars and Stripes Progressive Jackpot Payout

The Stars and Stripes progressive jackpot is a constantly accumulating jackpot amount that grows as players in designated regions play the game for real money online. The value of this progressive jackpot is displayed at the top of the slot’s screen. To win the Sevens and Stripes progressive jackpot, the players must be playing the game at the maximum bet of 3 coins per line, and must land one red seven, one white seven and one blue seven simultaneously on the reels to trigger the jackpot payout.

The second highest payout in Stars and Stripes is the standard top payout of 5,000 coins when playing at maximum bet. To claim this amount, players must land 3 red seven symbols on the reels. When playing at 2 coins per line, this payout falls to 2,398 coins, and the payout will be 1,199 when playing at 1 coin per line.