Donation of $500,00 for quick translation

University of Georgia received a $500,000 donation from an individual that was impressed with how quickly a letter was translated from Croatian language to English.

Lawrence Phillips, a doctor from Virgina, asked his daughter, a professor of German and Slavic at the University of Georgia, to find him somebody who would be able to translate a letter written in Croatian.

The letter was sent to his mother, a native of Croatia and born in Zalok, Croatia, in the early 1900s by a friend from her birth city.

One hour after receiving the letter, University of Georgia professor Keith Langston translated it.

Impressed with quickness which the letter was translated with, Phillips decided to donate an amount of $500,000 to the university. The funds are to be used in science projects in cooperation with Croatia.

“This is maybe the most expensive piece of Croatian translation in history of mankind”, joked Phillips.

University of Georgia is offering aid to Croatia through International Institute of Democracy.

Programs in Croatia, funded by University of Georgia, include economical development projects in rural Croatia, as well as exchange programs with University of Zagreb.

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