Japan’s Record-Breaking Commuter Train

Japanese commuter train experts achieved a new milestone. Japanese bullet train, Maglev, powered by magnetic levitation, broke its own record, and achieved a new record speed of 581 km/ h.

Record was broken in a test run with a crew of 12 on-board, and it was 2 km/h faster then the world record, set on November 19th of last year.

Testing of the new train, which operates on the principles of magnetic levitation, and by which it was named, has been conducted since 1997. Special rails located in western Tokyo are being used as the test site. The new commuter train has not been put in public service yet, and there has not been a definite date set for this as of yet.

One such train has already been put in commercial service in 2002, in Shangai, China, and its service data is used for feasibility of train use in public transportation.

The new train employs newer technology that relies on use of super-conducive magnets affixed to the train; thus, allowing the train to travel at speeds much higher then its wheel-based counterparts.

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