Google and Microsoft... again

Despite the fact that the official lawsuit was not filed, due to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) not being released yet, Google is preparing for the courts. World’s biggest search engine feels threatened with the upcoming release of IE7, more specifically with the browser’s look. The problem for Google is a search feature of IE7 that will automatically lead users to Microsoft’s MSN search engine. Since 85% of computer users utilize Internet Explorer to surf the web, Google feels that its dominance as a most-widely used search engine is threatened. Google spokespeople have officially stated that they have contacted the federal courts in U.S., as well as European commission, regarding this problem, but no official suit has been filed as of yet. Filing a lawsuit before a new software version is released would be unprecedented, so Google will probably wait until the release time. The main obstacle for Google in courts will be to explain why their partner Firefox can use Google for its default search engine, while Internet Explore can not use MSN as its search engine. Stay tuned for release of IE7 and the official court ruling on this matter.

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