ASIMO - new Japanese miracle

On December 13, Japanese automotive giant, Honda, introduced a “robot partner” to the world. Robot was named “Asimo” and is the latest example of advancement in the field of robotics.

“Asimo” is a two-legged robot which resembles a human being, and for the time being can walk, run, hold hands with a human, is able to “sense” the position of a human hand and the strength of the handshake, which allows the robot to figure out how to behave. A human leading the robot by its hand, using sophisticated sensors, can “tell” Asimo to speed-up, slow-down, turn right, or turn left. Movements made by Asimo are very realistic and resemble movements by a child.

“Asimo’s” developers are planning to further develop the robot and further enhance “Asimo’s” capabilities. The ultimate goal is to develop a robot, which in the future will be capable of leading children and blind humans. The developments and findings in sensor technology will be utilized by Honda in its automotive business, its core business.

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